Ashley Rourk


Ashley has spent over 5 years as a colorist, working in Santa Barbara and at Edo Salon and Barrow Salon in San Francisco. She was Pony Education's first-ever apprentice, learning to cut and educate with Corinna for the last 3+ years.

NOTE: Due to the nature of Ashley’s schedule, some days might appear fully booked online that are not fully booked in reality. Please contact our manager at 510-350-8990 if you would like full visibility into Ashley’s schedule.


Balayage Specialist in Oakland

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It’s a freehand hair coloring technique that gives a really blended natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines. Ashley has been a practitioner of balayage and delivers the best balayage hair painting in the San Francisco Bay Area :)