Misty Green

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Misty's free spirit and passion to learn has resulted in her modern and creative approach to hair. Her love for all things hair, especially working with natural texture and curls, set her out on a journey to work with her hair heroes. Starting her education as a precision based stylist in SF, she followed her dreams to assist her mentors in NYC. There she spent three transformational years training with some of New York's hair masters. Having the opportunity to go to fashion week, work on numerous editorial fashion and creative shoots, and styling the main wig for a broadway play were highlights of her time spent there. Excited to return to SF, bringing back some east coast love, Misty joined Harper Paige in 2015 and formed life-long friendships. She joined Corinna and Pony Studios in 2019!

Being part of a team is what inspires her to keep learning everyday. She enjoys teaching her clients how to make their natural texture work best for them while keeping true to their own sense of style. Something she thinks everyone should embrace.